Soda Fountain or Bar Gun Beverage Dispensing Troubleshooting Guide

Denver Beverage Troubleshooting Guide

Is your soda fountain machine or bar gun having issues dispensing, or do you have a flat drink? We have a great troubleshooting guide to help you determine the problem and save time and money checking on common issues.
If the Coke or other sodas are not dispensing, first check:
  • To make sure electrical plug and/or the circuit breaker is working
  • Make sure unit is turned on
  • If the fountain unit is on, close the ice bin door.

Fountain System Only Dispensing Water with No Syrup

  • Replace the syrup box and check if proper side is up
  • Re-Install the connector
  • See if the CO2 tank is empty or closed. Replace CO2 tank if pressure is less than 400PSI
  • See if the secondary pressure is at 60 PSI

If drinks are flat (no carbonation), check:

  • If the carbonator is plugged in and the circuit breaker is working correctly
  • To see if the temperature is too warm. See “product too warm”.
  • Replace tank if pressure is less than 400PSI
  • Adjust/check primary pressure

Product too warm, check:

  • Fill ice bin
  • Tap down ice
  • With electrical cooling, check plug/breaker
  • With electrical cooling, clean air flow restriction

How to restore carbonation due to the loss of water to the system, if the system is just dispensing high pressure air, check the following:

  • Check to see if the water is on
  • Make sure the water valve handles are set to the “on” position
  • Once water is flowing, wait for the water to fill the carbonator
  • Run all of the dispensing lines and fill the lines with water

Give us a call at 303-295-3737, if you find you are not able to resolve the issues and we will have service out as soon as possible! If you would like a copy of this Troubleshooting Guide, give us a call and we will either drop one off on your next delivery or mail you a copy.

Thank you!

Your Denver Beverage Service Team