Denver Beverage is the recognized leader in Colorado for Draft Beer, Cocktail and Wine Tap System installation and maintenance. We install multiple systems every week. Our Beer Service Team installs everything from massive stadiums, to building systems in restaurants and bars to customer home kegerators. Here is what you could expect from us:
1. We set up a brief call so we can understand what you are looking for.
2. We arrange a site visit so we can review the space to get a deeper understanding of your needs and wishes for the draft beer system, while making sure we stay in your budget.
3. Our sales staff will show you Beer/Cocktail/Wine Dispensing product catalogs to show you what is available in terms of basic towers to custom beer dispensing systems you can create. We only use the top-rated manufacturers (Micro-Matic and Perlick) so we can build you a system that will last years and years and handle thousands and thousands of cold pours.
4. Our team will measure the draw length from your Cooler/glycol chiller to the tower
5. We spec out the proper glycol chiller depending on the length of the draw and the expected temperature conditions of the beer line.
6. Once we have all the information we need from you, we create a custom quote with everything needed to install your system. This is typically completed within 2 to 3 days depending on whether we need to get quotes from the manufacturers for custom towers.
7. Our quotes include specs and measurements on things like the size of the hole needed in the countertop for the tower, the drip trays, as well as exact measurements of the base of the towers. This is very useful for your contractor to review for proper installation of your bar
8. Once you have agreed to the quote we have provided, we ask for 50% down so we may order all the parts needed. (we stock many parts and often times can install a Beer system within a week or 2 if needed)
9. Once we have collected the ½ down, we work with you to get a suitable date scheduled for the system installation.
10. When the system is fully installed and tested for quality, we collect the remaining balance.
What happens after installation?
We can provide quarterly or monthly maintenance to keep the draft pouring perfectly at the proper cold temperature with just the right amount of foam. Below is an example of the type of specs we provide as well as some photos of the work we have done. Contact us to learn more at 303-295-3737 or email us at

The Type of Specs we provide with your custom quote

Pipe Tower Install at State House

We have some fun too!!

Custom Cocktail System Tr

Fun Cocktail System in a Trunk we recently built. Almost done!